No other IT consulting company in Northern VA provides their clients with:

  • Live-answered phone support during business hours by expert technicians with a combined 84 years of experience and a guaranteed 15 minute response time for support requests or we will give you $25.
  • We take the time to listen and learn about your business needs first. Then provide the most cost-effective solution based on your specific business needs.
  • This is all done while maintaining the highest level of security from cyber threats, communicating and collaborating with you and educating your staff on the technology you are using.

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What We Specialize In

VoIP Phone Solutions for Kingsport



Quad M Tech’s cyber security solutions utilize industry leading threat prevention tools to help keep your network safe from modern threats like Ransomware.

VoIP Phone Solutions for Kingsport

IT Services


Quad M Tech is always looking out for your business and your goals, meaning you have a team of experts monitoring your IT systems round the clock, 365 days a year.

Managed IT Services for Kingsport



Migrating to the cloud lets you enjoy enterprise-level resources, proactive maintenance, and boundless mobility for an affordable monthly fee.

Cyber Security for Kingsport



Cloud-based versions of your favorite Microsoft apps rolled into one service where you get all the installation and user support you need.

Proud Members of the Northern Virginia Technology Council, American Society of Association Executives, IoTSSA Advisory Board and Diamond Member of the Prince William Chamber of Commerce

Why Choose Us?

If you don't have an in-house IT department or a reliable IT person, No problem! When you partner with us, you're partnering with an experienced team of technical experts who will help you get a solid return on your IT investment. For a fixed monthly fee, our innovative IT solutions and solid 24/7 IT support will lower costs while sending your productivity soaring.

  • Stop constantly stressing over finding the right solution for IT Support in Northern VA and DC Metro
  • Stop asking yourself, “Why are dependable Business Network Services so hard to find?”
  • Quad M Tech helps companies like yours get reliable support they can actually count on.
  • We’re there for you 24/7 with IT consulting to make running your business worry-free!

With Quad M Tech as your strategic technology partner, you can:

  • Enjoy Increased Productivity – more uptime means more effective work time for your employees
  • Focus on your Business Goals – we take technology concerns away, ensuring network uptime
  • Count on Guaranteed Asset Protection – your business data and network are safe and secure
  • Have Peace of Mind – 24/7/365 live on-call IT support when your business needs it most

Quad M Tech has the expertise you need to stop worrying about your business network support. Other small business owners in Northern VA and DC Metro count on us, the reliable IT experts, to keep their networks safe and secure.

See What Other Business Owners Are Saying About Us...

It is vital in our business that we have a reliable, stable IT platform

It is vital in our business that we have a reliable, stable IT platform. Computer and network problems can appear randomly and without warning. When we didn’t have Quad M Tech to support us, working out problems could take hours and result in significant loss productivity and ultimately have a negative revenue impact.

In addition, I must have the highest confidence my network is secure and can defend against data breaches and malware. Quad M Tech's core competency is in these areas, allowing me and my team to focus on our business. Quad M Tech provides a talented and responsive team which enables us to sustain a good level of productivity, with a minimum of network related problems. We will pay more to have that reliability.

Stephen Enterline Agency Owner
Enterline Insurance Agency - An Allstate Company

It Is Important That IT Services Are Always Available

Picking a support company is not easy.  We have been lucky in that we have used Quad M Tech both as an on-site consultant and now monitoring services which alerts us to issues happening in real time before issues happen, which drastically limits our down time. Quad M Tech responds to my emails or service requests immediately.

Cost of IT services is very important to our company, we feel your rates are fair and competitive. When a major system goes down, cost of support services is not the first thing that comes to mind during a crisis. It is very important to us that the IT services, we provide to our staff, is always available. There is a cost to provide this service, but we have no need to look elsewhere for quality support. We trust that Quad M Tech has our best interest in mind!

Tony Ottoviani Corporate Property Manager
Electronic Warfare Associates

Reliable and secure internal networks

Through our work with Quad M Tech we are very pleased with the service they have provided us. Like many companies, IIT needs reliable and secure internal networks and Quad M Tech has helped us a great deal in maintaining those properties. Specifically, Quad M Tech helped us: perform a major migration of corporate e-mail; set up a new network; re-configure network devices;

specify new IT products; and debug network problems, in addition they monitor and alert of issues related to our critical servers and network devices. Quad M Tech has been very responsive, easy to communicate with, and flexible in how they provide service. I can highly recommend them.

James Knoke Director, Security Assurance and Compliance
Information & Infrastructure Technologies

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Who We Are

At Quad M Tech, we’re not just an IT service provider -- we’re your IT partner. Our seasoned technicians provide high-quality, reliable technology solutions for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full in-house IT department. We have the expertise to keep your systems running in prime condition at all times, allowing you to save time and money, streamline business operations, and eliminate your IT frustrations.

Whether it’s moving to the latest version of Windows Server, Exchange, or moving to the cloud (Office 365 or Azure), there is always the worry that things will go wrong. Having an experienced IT solution provider perform your migrations is the best option.

Quad M Tech is MCSA: Office 365 certified, which means we demonstrate a high level of technical proficiency in implementing, configuring, and supporting Office 365 solutions.

Contact the migration specialists at Quad M Tech to discuss your migration plan today.

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