Our leadership and engineering staff have been involved in the Information Technology field for a combined 84 years. Quad M Tech's CEO Kevin Mann is actively involved in every aspect of the company's operations, ensuring that the company's mission is fully realized on a daily basis. A recent merger with another IT consulting company in 2019 has helped to increase the footprint and resources to serve all of our clients.

Quad M Tech Specializes in servicing the Construction, Financial Services and Government/Defense contractor industries, utilizing our TechWise and Cyber Protect & Train offerings strategically addresses the pressing needs of the Small to Medium Business, providing a standardized, security driven solution that increases productivity while maintaining the security needed to address today's modern threats.

We take care of your IT headaches

At Quad M Tech, we’re not just an IT service provider -- we’re your IT partner. Our expert technicians provide high-quality, reliable technology solutions for a fraction of the cost of hiring a full in-house IT department. We have the expertise and tools to keep your systems running in prime condition at all times, allowing you to save time and money, streamline business operations, and eliminate your IT frustrations. We are able to do this by following industry best practices, proven processes and procedures and best of breed tools.

Quad M Tech provides IT support for businesses in Northern VA and the DC metro area for over 3 years with clients that trust us for their critical IT systems, with a heavy focus on cloud technologies.

Quad M Tech’s Mission

Educate and protect businesses to ensure their security and help them achieve maximum productivity through technology advancement. We are dedicated to providing total satisfaction to our Clients.

We believe in old school values and are proud to continue these traditions where businesses are honest in their practices and deliver high quality, reliable services and make them available for a fair price. We strive to be available to our prospects and clients for customer service and to provide the most knowledgeable and honest responses in the best interests of the client.

We specialize in Educating our Clients and the Public in the information technology options available, we focus strategically on the Managed Services & Cloud Services spectrum, Server virtualization & consolidation and Office 365 migrations and support. We truly are Experts in Technology. More to the point “We Leverage Technology to Improve Your Business.