Why Security Awareness training?

It is widely accepted that human error is the leading cause of data breaches. But what's often overlooked is that most of these errors could be avoided with the right security education for the right people at the right time.

The most vulnerable target at many organizations isn't a system or technology. It's people. With security awareness training solutions from Quad M Tech, we can empower employees with the right skills and knowledge to put cybercriminals out of business.

Why you need security awareness training?

Managers and above

The easiest cybercrime target isn't a system or technology - it's people. That's why security is everyone's job - not just the IT / security department's responsibility. We will teach everyone at your clients' organizations how to detect and report cyber threats like phishing, helping mitigate cybercrime while saving the security team's valuable time.

Individual users

IT and security teams already don't have enough hours in their days - let alone time to remediate damages following a ransomware attack. Investing in employee training that engages learners and motivates behavior change multiplies the human resources available to your clients' IT/security teams and makes their everyday roles easier.

Does your organization have an employee security awareness and training program to mitigate threats like phishing and ransomware?

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