Cyber-security must be a top priority for every business. Unfortunately, modern cyber criminals are more savvy than ever. Traditional anti-virus software can’t protect you from today’s viruses, phishing schemes, malware, and ransomware attacks

You cannot afford to use yesterday’s technology to protect you from today’s threats.

Quad M Tech can help you select network protection that will:

  • Protect your network from all threats, known and unknown
  • Determine which files and add-ins are harmful, based on behavioral analysis
  • Prevent malicious software from infiltrating your network
  • Automatically shield all computers in your network if another computer is infected
  • Detect and undo system changes made by malicious software
  • Provide real-time analysis and forensic investigation

Request a FREE Anti-Virus Audit today. We’ll visit your office and:

  • Evaluate your current anti-virus software
  • Test your defenses against today’s sophisticated threats
  • Discuss your individual risk tolerance for downtime due to a virus attack
  • Analyze your vulnerability to ransomware